About UEH College of Technology and Design (CTD)

UEH College of Technology and Design (CTD) is a member of the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH), together with the UEH College of Business (COB), UEH College of Economics, Law and Government (CELG), and Vinh Long Branch in Mekong Delta to create a solid foundation for UEH in the journey of becoming a multidiscipline and sustainable university in the next 10 years.

In the future, CTD’ strategic goal is to become one of the leading academic institutions in Technology and Design training and research of Southeast Asia and the region.

Vision & Mission


Creating an Innovative and Real-life Learning Environment to Educate, Research and Inspire Art to Learners and Citizens for Acting on Sustainability


Transforming Education and Research by Technology and Design for a Sustainable Society

Core values

Creative innovation

Create a culture of innovation, quickly adapt to change, prepare learners and related organizations for sustainable development in the local context


Create an integrated platform or community that encourages all individuals and organizations to share, contribute, act through education, research and also participate in extracurricular activities to solve problems society towards the goal of sustainable development


Develop collaborative relationships and share resources and interests of university stakeholders to improve teaching, learning, applied research, technology, and design.

Sustainable Development

Empower learners, officials and workers to act for sustainability through quality education, lifelong learning, practical applied learning and integrated research


A pioneer unit leading innovation in the intersection of science, technology and art

Artistic inspiration

Inspire the arts, capture and use artistic values in communication, problem solving, and impacting social change