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The Quan Bui, Xuan Truong Le
Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences, Volume 45, Issue 9 p. 4956-4973
In this paper, we prove the weighted Lorentz and weighted Orlicz estimates for the weak solutions to the higher-order parabolic systems with the leading coefficients satisfying a small bounded mean oscillation (BMO) norm condition. As a by-product, we obtain the weighted estimates for the higher-order elliptic systems.
Quyen Ha Tran
China Finance Review International ISSN: 2044-1398
This study aims to examine the relationship between green finance, economic growth, renewable energy consumption (energy efficiency), energy import and CO2 emission in Vietnam using multivariate time series analysis.
Trong Ngoc Nguyen, Xuan Truong Le, Tan Duc Do
Bulletin des Sciences Mathématiques Volume 171, October 2021, 103031
Syed Ehsanullah, Quyen Ha Tran, Muhammad Sadiq, Shahid Bashir, Muhammad Mohsin & Robina Iram
Environmental Science and Pollution Research volume 28, pages55041–55052 (2021)
The aim of the study is to estimate the nexus between energy insecurity and energy poverty with the role of climate change and other environmental concerns. We used DEA like WP methods and properties of MCDA, a most common form of data envelopment analysis (DEA) to estimate the nexus between constructs. This paper presents a measurement and analysis of G7 countries’ energy, economic, social, and environmental performance associated with energy poverty indexes. The study used the multiple, comprehensive, and relevant set of indicators, including energy economics and environmental consideration of energy poverty. The net energy consumption of al G7 economies is equal to 34 percent of the entire world along with the net estimate GDP score of around 50 percent. Using DEA modelling and estimation technique, our research presented valuable insights for readers, theorists and policy makers on energy, environment, energy poverty and climate change mitigation. For this reasons, all these indicators combined in a mathematical composite indicator to measure energy, economic, social, and environmental performance index (EPI). Results show that Canada has the highest EPII score, which shows that Canada’s capacity to deal with energy self-sufficiency, economic development, and environmental performance is greater than the other G7 countries. France and Italy rank second and third. Japan comes next with 0.50 EPI scores, while the USA has the lowest average EPI score environment vulnerable even though have higher economic development among the G7 group countries. We suggest a policy framework to strengthen the subject matter of the study.
Fengsheng Chien, Ka Yin Chau, Sri Utami Ady, YunQian Zhang, Quyen Ha Tran, Talla M. Aldeehani
Environmental Science and Pollution Research volume 28, pages40957–40970 (2021)
In light of the rapidly growing industrialization in BRICS and G7 regions, thorough energy, financials, and environmental analyses are essential for sustainable financial development in these countries. In this context, this work analyzes the relationship between energy, financial, and environmental sustainability and the regions’ social performance. Data from 2000 to 2017 is analyzed through a data envelopment analysis (DEA) like a composite index. Results show China and Brazil’s better performance in the region, with a sustainability score of 0.96, India was the third, followed by South Africa and Russia. Japan, the UK, and the USA were the most energy-efficient countries for five consecutive years. A 0.18%, 0.27%, 0.22%, 0.09%, 0.31%, and 0.32% reduction in carbon emission is observed with a 1% increase in R&D costs by Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the USA, respectively. This work contributes to the existing literature regarding an eco-friendly sustainable policy design for the G7 countries based on multiple indicators.
Cong Nhan Le, Xuan Truong Le
Mathematica Bohemica, Vol. 147, No. 1, pp. 33-49, 2022
We study a class of logarithmic fractional Schrödinger equations with possibly vanishing potentials. By using the fibrering maps and the Nehari manifold we obtain the existence of at least one nontrivial solution.

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